Two weekends racing in the Western Cape

Marco Joubert

The past few weeks I have been focusing on going hard with training. But I love racing and with so many events in the Western Cape it is difficult to ignore it.  So I decided to go race anyway and just use it to push myself a bit harder.

Riebeek Valley MTB 

The week before the event I decided to just drop in and do and see how it goes.  I did not know what to expect or who would be at the race.  It turned out to be a really nice event.  The route was relatively flat compared to some of the other events I have done in this area.  But fast pace racing can be fun and I had a good time averaging just under 30 km/h.

Riebeek Valley MTB

Lining up at the start. Pic – Riebeek Valley MTB fbook

I got away very early in the race and just kept a good tempo all the way to finish in 1st place. I really enjoy the nice atmosphere at the event.

Tiletoria Elgin Valley MTB

This one was also not part of my race planning and during the week I decided to race… after checking with my coach that I’m not overdoing it 😉

I was not expecting to have the best legs but was looking froward to racing and ready to go as hard as my legs allowed.  With Waylon Woolcock, Matt Beers and Gert Heyns on the start line it would be good racing.

When the pace picked up my legs were feeling pretty good and I was looking forward to a good race.  Unfortunately for me it was my unlucky day.  My chain snapped at around the one hour mark while in the lead group with Gert, Waylon and Matt.  Gert went on to win the race with Matt placed 2nd and Waylon 3rd. With losing a lot of time fixing the chain, I did not chase back and just rode to the finish getting 8th place.

Rolling on after snapping the chain. Pic – Pedal Power Association Fbook

It is never good to have a technical but this was not a race I have been focusing on so it is a bit easier than usual to take the disappointment.  My legs behaved pretty well after a hard training block which is encouraging. I hope to hit some good form going into spring!

As always.. huge thanks to my sponsors!