The Nissan Trailseeker Series – Hermanus

Marco Joubert

The Nissan Trailseeker Series – Hermanus was the last event of the Trailseeker series.  The Trailseeker series was one off my focus points for the year and I was ready to go hard at the last race in Hermanus.

Beautiful settings at the race start. (pic )

The Race

The weather for the day looked good and as usual there were a bunch of strong riders lined up at the start.  We set off and the first one to really up the pace was Matt Beers.  The field split up with Matt, HB Kruger and Dylan Rebello getting away from the rest of us.  Waylon Woolcock and myself dropped off the front group.  I’m not sure how much but probably a minute.  It was early in the race with some good climbing to come and I was feeling pretty good. The race was definitely not over and done.  Waylon was also a very experienced rider that knows when to push so I was confident we would still be very much part of the fight for the top positions.

Marco Joubert

Head down racing 🙂    (pic )

Taking a detour

All was going well until we lost concentration or something about halfway into the race and took a wrong turn.  It is something that happens unfortunately.  We lost quite a lot of time and realized we were out of contention for the major placings. We did not give up but rode a hard tempo catching up a lot of riders and eventually finishing in 5th (Waylon) and 6th (me) position.  At least I had good riding company and it definitely helped to keep the speed up.

The Trailseeker series was a good learning experience for me.  Some good- and bad luck along the way but I kept pushing on and in the end I am happy with how it went.  It should be on my list of events for 2018 once again and I look forward to build on my experience gained this year.

Getting 2nd in The Nissan Trailseeker Series Standings

Before the last event I was in second spot just behind Waylon in the series standings.  For the series log your best three results out of four count. Taking that into consideration my position remains as before the last event and I stay in second place.

At the beginning of the year there was no way I would have considered myself getting such a high overall series standing.  I am really chuffed with that and it is pretty much a reflection of my year so far. I have not been winning many events this year but I have been on the podium most of the time and when off the podium not way off.  Consistency is good 🙂

Marco Joubert

Rolling in at the finish. Not a perfect situation but I had a good ride and was feeling positive.  (pic )

As always, thanks to my sponsors for making it possible to live my dream.. Racing Bike!!