I pitched up at the GI JOE MTB race with my brand new Momsen Bikes Vipa. This would only be my 2nd ride on the bike. I have never owned a duel-suss and never had a proper ride on one before.  To take new equipment to a race is never a good idea I know.  However the temptation to have this Super Bike and not go race it hard was just too much!

THE Bike

The first bit of the race was flat but I was going for a hard ride so I set the tempo with Kyle Bradford. The first long climb hit us and Manual Hijar attacked.  The rest of us chased after him.  I was just waiting for the right moment to also gooi an attack. My chance came half way up a long climb when I noticed the others were putting in a lot of effort to keep the pace up.  I attacked putting my head down and keeping a hard pace up the rest of the climb. I got away and then really put the hammer down!

Just after that climb we got another steep one.  Not that long but very rocky. I unlocked my suspension and my bike just floated over the rocks. Like I said I have only known Hard tails all my life. To sit and power up a climb not having to scan for a super smooth racing line all the time was an amazing feeling.
The first 35 km was in Longmore so this meant it were hills all the way.  I never stopped riding hard and increased my lead on every hill and downhill. After the first 35 km, even with going hard I was still feeling fresh which is a great sign for me and the way my training is going!

Heading for the finish line. 

Now we were going onto the Crossway’s XCO track and I just got the biggest smile on my face. Nice fast and flowing single track and short steep climbs that I was attacking hard and getting a feeling for my Vipa. The last 20 km went way too fast.  Everyone enjoyed I am sure. Then I saw the finish line and knew this was my first win in the new season AND first one on my Vipa!

To finish with a lead of 15 min on the 2nd placed rider was really not what I expected! I am super happy with a good day on the bike…

Check out my blog next week for a full report comparing my Vipa’s handling and riding with that of my previous hard tails. That and I will tell you my experience and thoughts on the ICD electronic suspension. A Super system on a Super Bike!

Thanks to mountain events for the time keeping done and the race orginisers for the awesome event! Also Crossways farm village thanks for the “lekka” routes and efforts put in for the amazing single track.