Fast pace marathon racing at Nissan Trailseeker, Wellington

This was the third event in The Nissan Trailseeker series, Western Cape.  I have had a good run at the previous two events.  Currently I am in 2nd place on the series log. I must be honest, at the beginning of the year I had no expectations to feature in the overall standing.

Rolling off at the start (Pic : )

The Race

It was a classy field and everyone knew it was going to be hard racing. I was feeling good and ready to give it my best shot. From the start the pace was hot and the group split up.  At first we broke up into a small group of six riders and later, after some really hard pace setting it was just Matthys, Gert, Waylon and me.  It was hard but I was managing to stay with. At about halfway I pulled up one of the climbs and at the top Waylon came past with a pretty hard pace.  I could not follow and dropped off the group.

Going hard chasing. (Pic :

I was pushing hard for the rest of the race but it was not possible to get back to the front group.  Matthys had a really strong ride and finished about 5 minutes ahead of the rest.  Gert took 2nd place, Waylon 3rd and myself 4th just over 3 min down on Gert and 2 min down on Waylon.

It is good to mix it with really strong riders.  I am learning all the time and need a bit more speed but am really happy with my progress so far this year.  Between my coach and me and with some patience I’m sure we will find some extra speed soon 🙂

A big shout out to Nissan Trailseeker and ZC Marketing Consultants for great race pic’s!

With the support of these guys the season has been good to me!


I love this shot of my kit and main sponsor logo’s! (Pic : )