Missing out racing Cape to Cape in Australia

I cannot complain about how my racing season has gone this year. Recently I was given the opportunity to race one of the big races in Australia and was super excited.  Once we started applying for a visa it became clear that it was going to be extremely tight to get the visa on time.

Cape to Cape

The Cape to Cape is one of the big Mountain Bike stage races in Australia.  With the race starting 19 October I had to make a call the week before to book a flight or not. So Thursday came and still not visa for me.  I was really bummed but there was no other way. I had to except that it was not going to happen.

I have been focusing a lot on it and sidelined some other events lately so it’s not a perfect situation for me. But like I said I cannot complain about the year so far and am definitely not going to start now!

A big thanks to Momsen Bikes, with Ricus Grimbeek from Bunbury, Australia who set me up to race the Cape to Cape!

Hopefully we get a chance to give it a go next year!

Marco Joubert

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Race Planning till the end of the year

My plan was to take a short break after the Cape to Cape. It is a week earlier now but instead of pushing for a few more races I am sticking to my plan and will take some time off the bike before starting the buildup for the next season. I have a few things lined up during my “off” time and will make good use of it 🙂

I should be back racing around end November so the year is not done yet.

2016 to 2018 Season

The 2016 season was not easy in many ways and after the Cape Epic I never could get back to top form and nearly quit cycling. 

The result of a difficult 2016 season was that I started the 2017 season without huge goals. I was taking a step back to take the pressure off and just ride my bike as well as I could.

A big shout out to my sponsors, Bridge Street Brewery and Momsen Bikes for getting behind me! I was in a good space and the result was that I got much better results than I expected.

There is a huge difference in where I will be starting off the 2018 season compared to the previous year. Next year’s planning is looking really good in all departments. I have some big goals to chase and the opportunities will be there.  It’s just a case of keeping calm & focused while pushing hard.  I am definitely looking forward to stepping it up next year!