About me

Name: Marco Joubert
Born: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Date of birth: 1997 / 06 / 04
Height: 175 m
Weight: 62 kg
Favorite food: Enchiladas & Pizza
Bike: Momsen VIPA TWO
Coach: Jarred Salzwedel
Strength: Climbing, Stage racing, Mindset
Weakness: Wanting to race too much
Favorite riding area: Garden Route Trail Park
Favorite race: ABSA Cape Epic
Team: Momsen Bikes / Valley Light

I was born in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.  Like most kids I started cycling when I got my first bike at probably age 4 or 5. At primary school I played a bit Rugby but loved cricket and later Hockey.  Going into secondary school Hockey stayed a favorite sport for a while. I had to give it up when I started focusing on cycling. 

My father was a very keen and competitive cyclist and introduced me to the sport encouraging me to try it out. At a young age I just cycled as I felt but at age 16 I started to focus on cycling as my only sport.  My first ride as a sponsored rider was with Momsen Bikes. After that I moved to Kargo Pro Mtb Team for three years. During this time I had some good results and was selected to represent South Africa at the World XCO Champs as a junior.

During 2016 I was a full time professional cyclist with Kargo Pro Mtb team but this year joined a new outfit.  I am currently riding in the colours of Team Momsen Bikes / Valley Light.  Momsen Bikes (part of Two Wheels Trading) and Valley Light (from Bridge Street Breweries) are both PE based companies that are supporting me this year and making it possible to chase my dream. This year I will focus on racing bikes while I also started part time studies at the Draughting Academy in Cape Town.

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